I take this new Blog to start talking about a change I would like to see in the MR.

I’m a software engineer and I spend time in building tools for the SAEFL. At this moment I use these tools my self to calculate stats and keep track of player development.

I would like to make them public so everyone can enjoy it. I am thinking about setting up a website which gives another view on the SAEFL data. It must be a MR with additional info like previous NSL of the player, tactic and style bonusses in a game, morale, generated match comments etc.

The data for this website comes from the league table and MR from the SAEFL site. As we all know these pages contain static HTML data. My problem is that this HTML is not well-formed and it is not always the same. It is very hard to extract all data from it with a tool because data and presentation ar mixed and the layout is not the same every week.

So my request is that Peter makes the MR available through XML. I can write a xsl stylesheet which transforms the xml to html. This means that for us managers nothing visible changes. We will still see the same MR only the technical implementation changes.

When I can download the MR data only without presentation logic in XML format it is pretty easy to develop tools which analyse the data and generate statistics from it.

I also think this is a relieve for peter as he doesn’t have to bother about presentation logic anymore in his software. Data and presentation are separated in a XML and XSL file. I know he uses PHP in his software and this is capable of transforming XML to HTML with a XSL stylesheet.

Are there more developers here who can write XSL stylesheets ? We can develop our own cool SAEFL site and change the look and feel as many times as we like 🙂